The autumn

Its the season when nature teaches us to let go of the past and get ready to welcome the new …
Its the season to forgo the baggage that we tend to carry with us all the time …

The breeze is no more chill, the sun is getting bright …
Its the season when change is in the air …


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I am alive..still..

I am alive …. still..

the bright sun in the blue sky
the shining clouds
the mystic air
the rhythmic instrumental music

I am alive to see this …
I am at peace for a moment

for the next moment is going to take me back to troubles
for the next moment is carrying unbearable p___
for the solitude is _____ me
for I am alone in this chaotic and crowded world

as my dear friend shared this quote the other day:
“We’re born alone, we live alone, we die alone. Only through our love and friendship can we create the illusion for the moment that we’re not alone.”

Sunset at Pushkar

Exploring Delhi-6

Delhi-6 is one place with many colors of life. From these small lane streets to the amazing food options, the place has many shades. The picture below is one of the many super narrow streets in Delhi-6. The word “Khazanchi” means “Treasurer”.


Just stumbled across a street vendor selling this delicacy: full of cream, saffron, khoya among other ingredients.


Hariram Bijli Market is a wholesale market of electrical appliances. Don’t go by the shabby nature of this street entrance or its width. Once you enter inside, it is a huge market!


This is the shop where wooden craft materials are made (the crafts are shown in the next picture). All that talk about safe worker conditions and then this.


These are the wooden crafts being made by the workers in the picture above.


The picture displays a unique way to cook ‘roti’ – upside down. This is absolute opposite of how it is normally done.



The Red Tinge

Is neele aakash main
ek damakta suraj yeh kehta hai

kya hua jo tum aise roothe ho
kya hua jo tum aise dukhe ho
main kal phir aaonga
ek naya savera laoonga
phir see ujaala pheloonga …
ek naya din banoonga …
is raat ke subah hogee
jald hee hooge …


Palolem beach: A beauty worth traveling for 50 kms down South Goa


A true magical vista moment: The Red tinge just after the sunset

Nature’s peaceful moment..

the sight of a clear horizon of blue sky merging into an ocean

the noise of waves crashing into each other

the waves as they spread out on the beach to touch your feet

and the force with which these waves come back again… yet again

This must be God’s own way of enjoying this motherland ….


A sweet feeling …

In the fight for survival, the creative side takes a back seat for it requires space. Space that now-a-days is becoming scarier. I too got lost out some where …. I got lucky that I had someone to inspire me to try this again and here I am…

As the waves draw close, I miss many a beat

for those words on the sand are an expression

an expression to thank a person who inspires me

some part of me wants these words to be engraved forever …

some part of me wants to express the happiness that comes to have you around

As the waves draw close, I miss many a beat…

The Sweetest Friend

The Sweetest Friend

A morning in Goa - Mobor beach

A morning in Goa – Mobor beach

Innocence personified

One of those photo shoots which I enjoyed the most. Reason simply being that these children were having awesome time in front of the camera and I didn’t had to tell them anything at all!


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