A cycle happens to be #Samajwadi party’s symbol and the picture represents something else!!




Happiness can be very tricky at times if you are not clear with what you expect from life. One of my friends says this all the time, “You can be surrounded by a lot of problems and not feel good. Alternatively, you can simply wake up each morning and thank God for another beautiful day in life and try to make the best of it.” Or as another friend says it, “Happiness is a way of life.” This is my new year resolution as well – be happy, and do things that make me happy.

After being stuck in traffic, I had finally reached Nagarcoil having spent 1 hr 45 mins for a 20 kms distance! Its then that I came across this tea vendor at the bus stop. He seemed more than happy to see me given that there aren’tĀ  many Sikh peopleĀ  around in this area or for that matter state.

An infectious smile was accompanied with a very refreshing tea. The tea device that you see here is something I saw in Kerala and Tamil Nadu in the areas that I travelled. A unique travel experience indeed!


Communism unleashed


I haven’t come across this blunt a way to promote communism or protect public sector company in any other part of India. Kerala is one of the states that has deep roots in communism.

Dilli haat











The autumn

Its the season when nature teaches us to let go of the past and get ready to welcome the new …
Its the season to forgo the baggage that we tend to carry with us all the time …

The breeze is no more chill, the sun is getting bright …
Its the season when change is in the air …


DSC_0489 - 1

I am alive..still..

I am alive …. still..

the bright sun in the blue sky
the shining clouds
the mystic air
the rhythmic instrumental music

I am alive to see this …
I am at peace for a moment

for the next moment is going to take me back to troubles
for the next moment is carrying unbearable p___
for the solitude is _____ me
for I am alone in this chaotic and crowded world

as my dear friend shared this quote the other day:
“We’re born alone, we live alone, we die alone. Only through our love and friendship can we create the illusion for the moment that we’re not alone.”

Sunset at Pushkar

Exploring Delhi-6

Delhi-6 is one place with many colors of life. From these small lane streets to the amazing food options, the place has many shades. The picture below is one of the many super narrow streets in Delhi-6. The word “Khazanchi” means “Treasurer”.


Just stumbled across a street vendor selling this delicacy: full of cream, saffron, khoya among other ingredients.


Hariram Bijli Market is a wholesale market of electrical appliances. Don’t go by the shabby nature of this street entrance or its width. Once you enter inside, it is a huge market!


This is the shop where wooden craft materials are made (the crafts are shown in the next picture). All that talk about safe worker conditions and then this.


These are the wooden crafts being made by the workers in the picture above.


The picture displays a unique way to cook ‘roti’ – upside down. This is absolute opposite of how it is normally done.




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