Exploring Delhi-6

Delhi-6 is one place with many colors of life. From these small lane streets to the amazing food options, the place has many shades. The picture below is one of the many super narrow streets in Delhi-6. The word “Khazanchi” means “Treasurer”.


Just stumbled across a street vendor selling this delicacy: full of cream, saffron, khoya among other ingredients.


Hariram Bijli Market is a wholesale market of electrical appliances. Don’t go by the shabby nature of this street entrance or its width. Once you enter inside, it is a huge market!


This is the shop where wooden craft materials are made (the crafts are shown in the next picture). All that talk about safe worker conditions and then this.


These are the wooden crafts being made by the workers in the picture above.


The picture displays a unique way to cook ‘roti’ – upside down. This is absolute opposite of how it is normally done.




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