Happiness can be very tricky at times if you are not clear with what you expect from life. One of my friends says this all the time, “You can be surrounded by a lot of problems and not feel good. Alternatively, you can simply wake up each morning and thank God for another beautiful day in life and try to make the best of it.” Or as another friend says it, “Happiness is a way of life.” This is my new year resolution as well – be happy, and do things that make me happy.

After being stuck in traffic, I had finally reached Nagarcoil having spent 1 hr 45 mins for a 20 kms distance! Its then that I came across this tea vendor at the bus stop. He seemed more than happy to see me given that there aren’t  many Sikh people  around in this area or for that matter state.

An infectious smile was accompanied with a very refreshing tea. The tea device that you see here is something I saw in Kerala and Tamil Nadu in the areas that I travelled. A unique travel experience indeed!


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