Indian Railways


Abysmal state of affairs – A scene of #Railway Station in #India

When stray animals and human beings sleep in the same room in public space, it says a story in itself. Here are two pictures I captured on an early morning at Itarsi Railway Station. Poverty is widespread everywhere in India and sometimes, it just becomes a little too much.






A welcome change…

Jaipur Railway Station is ISO 9001 certified. A very clean and well maintained station...a welcome change from the other humiliating experiences

Welcome to Western Railway – Celebrating 150 years of mess, filth and humiliation!

Welcome to Western Railway - A blue carpet rolled outside the station

Celebrating 150 years of mess, filth and humiliation

The display at Enquiry indicates the train is late by 25 mins (pic above) and the display in waiting room indicates the train is on right time (pic below). Shall I wait in the waiting room getting nervous or shall I go out on the platform in the heat and dust?

Please do not spit on the platform in disgust

Cost cutting perhaps? Scorching heat and not a single fan is switched on

The better side of filth

Next time you ask for some ice, think of this picture

Please don't disturb as I am not the only one

Green is the buzz word!